Friday, August 22, 2008

A Music Review

As an exercise in writing, I hope to post some sort of review monthly. I'll begin with this wonderful CD.

I highly recommend this CD. It contains some of the most beautiful, smooth music you will ever hear. I would consider it light jazz, and have enjoyed it since purchasing it on a whim in 1996. Having never really explored the nuances of jazz, this was a wonderful method by which I broadened my musical horizon.

Winston's "Linus & Lucy" will harken you to the days when life came to a standstill when there was a Charlie Brown special on TV. Days of eating early, or even enjoying one of those new TV dinners as you watch Snoopy and the gang. Days of swirling leaves and 'crunchy' air. Football and fall festivals. Days whose memory makes you eyes begin to tear just a little and smile a little more.

Experts agree that music has a profound effect on us - and that it imprints deep into our soul. That's what the music of Vince Guaraldi has done. Whether or not you think you remember anything but the skating song...or "Christmas Time is Here", you'll find yourself humming along to songs you didn't know you knew.

When I want light music in the background, when I need to relax, when I'm scrapbooking (because it's all about the nostalgia) this CD is one of the ones I turn to most often.

I'll be ordering a new copy soon, as a back-up.

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