Saturday, August 1, 2009

God's Way, by Lydia S. Leach

God’s way is the best way,
though I may not see
Why sorrows and trials
oft gather ’round me;

He ever is seeking my gold to refine,
So humbly I trust Him, my Savior divine.

God’s way is the best way,
God’s way is the right way,
I’ll trust in Him alway,
He knoweth the best.

God’s way is the best way,
my path He has planned,
I’ll trust in Him alway
while holding His hand;
In shadows or sunshine He ever is near,
With Him for my refuge, I never need fear.

God’s way shall be my way,
He knoweth the best;
And leaning upon Him,
sweet, sweet is my rest,
No harm can befall me,
safe, safe shall I be,
I’ll cling to Him ever,
so precious is He.


Pam G said...

I am an avid Grace Livingston Hill reader and have oft been curious about this song. The chorus is in "The Substitute Guest" more than once and I would love to learn the tune. Do you happen to know who, if anyone, has recorded it so I may listen to it and learn?

Mrs. Pharris said...

I don't know, Pam...I'll look around!

By the way, The Substitute Guest is one of my all-time favorite GLH books. Have you read the one after which my blog is named? I highly recommend it as well!