Thursday, April 10, 2008

A word on Modesty...

Mrs. Wilt and Monica have both been discussing modesty, and I feel compelled to chime in. I'll be posting a couple of recent personal experiences soon, but until then feel free to chime in!

You aren't the only one these days cringing when you see the new fashions. The way some of the teenage girls dress today is downright embarrassing. I think back to my days of dressing like Cyndi Lauper (I know, I know) and am embarrassed - but it's mostly because of the 'fashion'. I remember cutting a perfectly good sweatshirt and wearing leg warmers too, LOL. The girls of today will be ten times as embarrassed when their child points out not only the outdated styles but that mama's ****s are showing!

My dearest friend and mentor as a teen was P. She was married with 2 kiddos. Many times I've spent the night at their house, and when I did I'd bring sweats or a nice long robe to cover up. One day P thanked me for my modesty in front of her hubby. It seems the other girls in the youth group weren't so considerate and had come to breakfast wearing only a tshirt and panties or skimpy little gowns. I was horrified. Not only did they flaunt themselves, they showed disrespect toward their hosts.

We know that modesty is important to the Lord because of Titus 2 and other scriptures. And if it is important enough for Him to address it, you'd better be sure to pay attention!

I started to say that I think even Christian girls forget how important modesty is. But it occurred to me that it really isn't taught (by the majority) these days. A renewed focus on modesty such as your article and that of Mrs. Wilt's is just what the doctor, er, the Great Physician that is, ordered!

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Katy said...

I totally agree with you!!! Modesty is soo important. My daughter gets worried when her pants are too high...(she is only SIX yrs old) and I continue to tell her that she doesn't need to wear them low. I think being covered up is of huge importance as well! :)

Nanny said...

I have noticed this is a common theme lately in the blogs I read.
I look forward to reading the links you provided and learning more about this subject.
I consider myself modest but I don't wear dresses only. Southern Baptist don't stress this enough I don't think.
I think it is all great that we can learn together and I just want you to know that I enjoy your blog!
God Bless!