Friday, November 14, 2008

A Tale Sadly Told

So the election is over and we are left to mull over its consequences.

I kind of expected the outcome we got but ever the optimist I clung to a tiny ray of hope that my fellow citizens' heads would clear just long enough to cast their ballot. Not so this time. Instead millions of people clambered to the polls and voted for a rock star. Ignoring warnings taken from the very lips of "the one" they chose style over substance. They wanted to make history. To feel important. And now that they've reached their objective, it is each and every one of us who must pay for their heightened self esteem.

I can't help but be reminded of the heavy girl sitting alone at the bar. Most of us have known her at some point. Some of us have been her and now can see her for what she is thanks to God's grace. Some of us are her. She sits and nurses her drink, smiling brightly at any man who glances her way. As the night wears on and her optimism wears thin, the smile is less bright and the line of empty glasses grows. Finally, when she has numbed that part of her that yearns for fineness he sees his chance and moves in. The fella who, for whatever reason, preys on girls like her. He buys one last drink or folds a napkin into a rose and moves in for the kill. With dulled senses and a tiny glimmer of hope ("Maybe he's the One!") she falls for every cheap move. Until the night ends with her standing by as he pays for the room - cash, so the wife doesn't find out. Wife? She wonders, but it is too late. Her body and its need are in control now. Not a physical need for intimacy, but a need to be loved that defines each of us. The next morning she awakens and dresses in her now-soiled clothes. She tries to ignore the emptiness as she walks to her car. The stares and whispers from the desk cannot make her feel any more cheap than she already does, and she vows to never let this happen again. But the next weekend finds her there, sipping a drink as she smiles brightly at the men. Maybe THIS time it'll be different, right?

My fellow Americans are absolutely giddy with this new attention. Whether its because Obama is new, young, attractive, really doesn't matter. He's the romance du jour. I just hope that the tomorrow we all face doesn't start with us trying to clean up a dirtied constitution for use the day after. Having to face the terrible things we allowed to happen the night before.

Things like the "Freedom of Choice Act" which represents a real physical threat to the well-being of babies in wombs up to the very moment of birth. Sometimes even after.

Things like "voluntary" suicide and "right to die" movements who deny their eugenics/T4 way of thinking.

Other little things like bankrupting the industry that provides half the power our country uses (coal).

Oh, and don't forget those other stupid things like trampling the 2nd Amendment (he's a gun grabber!) and debasing the 1st Amendment (which hides under the name of the "Fairness Doctrine").

Before you pooh-pooh what I've said, remember its much like the villainous Hans Gruber in the first "Die Hard" movie. He's got the brown-nosing exec in front of him and is talking to John MacLean. Brown-noser claims to know John, causing his brains to see the light of day as John shouts that he doesn't really know the guy (and he doesn't). Gruber says something to the effect of "Sooner or later I'll get to someone you DO know and love."

Perhaps those who elected the rock star are guilty of wishing to radicalize our great land. Perhaps they just wanted the glamour of making history. Maybe you don't care about abortion or terrorism or free speech, I don't know. Just know that sooner or later, the most leftist politician with the most radical friends ever elected to any office (much less to the presidency) will eventually hit something you DO care about.

And it is then that we will awaken feeling cheap and used. We? Yes, we. You took us all along for this ride. I only pray that there will be enough pieces to pick up along the way.

Do you know that yearning deep inside of you for hope, peace and the finer things of life has nothing to do with a country or a cause? Can you rest in the knowledge that if it all ended today you would still have HOPE? You can't find it on google. Or espn. You won't find it in the constitution or through a rock star president who says pretty things as he uses you. In fact, hope isn't even really a thing or an it. It is a HE. There is but one hope. Not for me but for all the world. His name is Jesus. Do you know Him today? If not, but you'd like to, would you do me the honor of asking about hope? Privately through e-mail or in a comment.

Really. Ask me today. Because if you yearn for hope...eternal hope...He's calling to you. And the time is short.

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