Sunday, November 2, 2008

Your Biblical Vote....

Sharing an e-mail my precious friend sent Dr. Dobson today...along with a link to the sermon that started it all. PLEASE, PLEASE, dear reader -- listen and share! The time is dwindling...

Hello Mr. Dobson,

I know that John McCain was not the candidate of your
choice. But as a christian believer ... I beg you to listen to this ,

So many people follow you. So many believers don't understand, but you do.
Our nation is hurting and there are only a few days left.
Mind you this is not a political propaganda, this is a biblical issue.
As a follower of Christ, this is not a vote or a choice.
Please listen and do something ... you are in a position that can make a difference.

-- A fellow believer

An editorial note from Mrs. Pharris: McCain was not my first choice either. I was a Fred Thompson fan. Still am. But Christians MUST rise up and defeat those who would steal our nation's freedom, our parent's ideals and our children's innocence -- even their very lives.

Pray with me as I commit to spreading the word from now (3:31 Sunday afternoon) until Election Day. I will not be silent. Now is not the time for meekness. I shall take up His mighty Sword of Truth and wave His banners for all the world to see. Join me. Pray. Pray. Pray.

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