Saturday, April 4, 2009

By Request

We have some kids playing their music way too loud. I asked some friends for mucis suggestions to have a little fun and make a point. I now have a polka-Barry Manilow loaded boom box on the front porch. ;-) Someone wanted to know more, so here goes:

This is a nice neighborhood. No mcMansions here, but good, modestly sized houses. We still live here because a child born 3 months early at Vanderbilt costs around $1 million and we don’t do bankruptcy.

The first full day we lived here, there was a little boy with a deep, dark tan playing in our back yard. He was a cute little thing, around 6 and left to pretty much raise himself. Mama was an alcoholic. He hid when hubs called him down for throwing rocks at our metal outbuilding because he liked the sound.

Through the years, we befriended this little one and introduced him to our friend Jesus. When he was left outside on his own, we took him in and gave him a good meal. We always returned him back home safe and sound when his mom sobered up. One night hubby even picked his mama up out of the front yard and got her in when then-preteen boy could not.

Finally, the lure of money and the empty “love” offered by the streets in the city got him. For years we would only see him occasionally at WalMart (where he would yell - Mom! Dad! Caused some confusion, lol.) or when the police came looking for him. 9 years or so ago we found out he’d been dealing drugs and all the other bad stuff. He knew these other boys even then - and unbeknownst to us put the word out that anyone harming us or our home would be dealing with him and his gang.

3 years ago he showed up with the prettiest 2 children I’ve ever seen. The next day he sat on my porch (I don’t allow men inside when hubs isn’t home) and talked with my pastor. That day, he met - and accepted - my friend Jesus.

These are not bad children. Even if they were, they don’t really scare me. First I have my Father watching over me day and night. Secondly, I have Smith & Wesson doing the same. If I deal with them creatively, I know they will come asking. And I will have a chance to begin the cycle over again.

What joy!

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