Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Our Earth Day Celebration

We're celebrating Earth Day! First we DROVE our 7 passenger mini-van (just the 2 of us) to a printing company to pick up their payment. They paid me with a check using profit they get from killing trees.Then, we went to the bank. Then we went and ate at KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN. We used styro plates and plastic forks. Paper napkins and to go cups.

Later today, instead of being frugal and having common sense in using dish towels - I will use paper towels to clean the sink. I will spray WINDEX on the surfaces, then flush the rinse water down the DRAIN. Later, I plan to take a 20 minute shower. At 8:00 this evening for the great "lights out" thingie we will be turning on every light in the house.Tomorrow I will return to my frugal ways, using dishtowels, not wasting water, using natural inexpensive cleaning products. I will cook & eat at home to conserve energy, money and gasoline. I will use my china and glassware and cloth napkins like I do every day.

In short, my "footprint" is smaller than most people's. And it is because of frugality and God's admonition to care for the earth and all in it.But on this day I refuse to participate in the environmentalism practiced by those who have nothing more meaningful than foisting their near religious ferver on the rest of us. I'll reject their admonition to "save the earth". I'm just not that narcissistic. I know one person can make a difference. That much is true. But teaching children that they can "save the earth" and there will be a utopian society is just setting them up for a fall. Sure, teach your children responsibility to our temporary home. Even non-Christians know they're but a wave tossed in the ocean when you look at the whole of history. But when your child is 30 and still hearing about the dying polar bears, they're going to figure it out. Hopefully.

The best way to celebrate Earth Day is each day to be sensible in your consumerism. Not letting the water run isn't just careless, it is costly. So is using disposables. And harsh chemicals that induce asthma attacks. Be each day a good steward of the home God has given us. But lets not worship it. After all, it is temporary.

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