Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday!

Today is Works for Me Wednesday, hosted here. I'm participating this week with my tip for making those wonderful magic erasers last longer!

I don't know about you, but I am completely ADD when I have one of those wonderful little bits of foam in my hand. I clean and scrub one very grungy area only to notice a spot on the wall or woodwork. Without thinking, I swipe it and leave behind...a most decidedly NOT improved area of my home. The grunge on the exterior of the sponge has created another chore.

One day, after just such an experience I eyed the offending sponge. I just KNEW that there was clean, useable sponge under the grime. So, I grabbed a serrated knife and...

Suspicion confirmed! Look at that lovely, clean interior! I tried just peeling the top layer off to use the interior, but it crumbled in my hand.

So, I decided to cut the larger sponges into smaller ones first.

Worked like a charm, and now I make much better use of this valuable cleaning tool.

Works for me!