Wednesday, March 26, 2008

You say tomato, I say tom-ah-to...

What a fun time we had! Mrs. L and I chattered like a couple of jays. The chatter was replaced with squeals of delight when we saw the prizes below. And no - that's so not all of it!

I steeled myself to be strong before going by relaxing in a tub of hot water with coffee and my sadly worn copy of The Complete Tightwad Gazette. (Here is the link to their web site, but most of the info there now is old: ).

I was good, but my frugal self could only stand so much. At least I kept it to vegetables and herbs. Only one ornamental. Okay, two. But they're the same kind and going in the same pot so it counts as one, right?! Right?! We saw so many wonderful, lovely plants. Like these:

See the chamomile? And asparagus fern? Oh, and the English Lavender to plant beneath my clothesline so my sheets will drape gently across it and lull us to sleep with its perfume? And the Big German tomatoes for BLTs? And the hot peppers that my son so loves to harvest?

And this absolutely adorable "Micro Tom" Cherry tomato plant. The tomatoes will be 1". And YES, it is FULL of blooms!

What? can't see the blooms? Of course you can. Look a little closer.

Of course, I couldn't leave out my own babies...planted lovingly by hand a couple of weeks ago. Introducing (drum roll) my baby brussles sprouts!

Brussels! ;-)

And last, a scene from my kitchen. And no, I don't have a problem. Lots of people are addicted to herbs. And gardening. And tea pots. I can quit any time. For a while.

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