Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fall Heralds Busy-ness!

Autumn is by far my favorite season. Spring is a close second, with Winter and Summer tied for third. A funny thing happens to me in the Fall and Spring, though. My husband calls it Erma Bombeck syndrome. Erma called it Martha Stewart Syndrome.

Autumn heralds a return to order, a desire for the crispness of the early morning and the cool comfort of evenings. It creates in me an instinct must like Nesting. In fact, the "experts" would probably call it just that. Papa-Dew both loves and hates it. He loves that the house is squeaky clean (well, most of it) and decorated, but he hates that it is the only time of year I actually write out a honey-please-do list. Most of the year, I ask him and let his timetable dictate the rest. I make a great effort to not be a contentious woman. Fall, though, all the stops are pulled out. The eyes are batting, the tone of voice is wheedling, and I am not above turning his head with baked goodies and promises of Saturday sci-fi marathons.

Thus far, it's been pretty tame - although expensive. The week started off with a new pair of jeans for me. Then some really darling (and totally on sale) fall and Christmas themed dish-towels to hang on the shelf-rod (pics to come later). You know, the shelf that was gifted me by my precious mother (hi Mom!) when we visited last week. The one he put up today in the kitchen for me.

Then things got expensive. {sigh} But necessary. A new mattress/box springs set. On sale, of course, and discounted for a cash payment. That was nice. I'll sleep well tonight! And so will my sweetie and his poor, overworked back. But before bed, I think I'm really feeling the need to make a list of things to do tomorrow...

Does Autumn motivate you as well? Share with us!

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vivianbeth said...

It motivates me in a different way. I'm more motivated to be thankful. For several years, the approach of fall always ment trouble on the home front. 2005 changed all that! It was the first Autumn free of stormy, personal weather. It has become more pleasant each passing season. And that motivates me! It was Fall 2005 when God showed me I'd be working where I'm at. This Fall ... this Autumn ... even though there is a personal storm to ride out ... it is nothing like the ones of yester-years. So, Fall motivates me to be more thankful ... to be more content not with just the material things but with spiritual as well ... God provides all things and to be content and thankful for His generous blessings. That's what Autumn motivates me into doing .. and the first one to count is a Spiderman fan named Charles. (Charles is the Autumn baby and Beth is a Spring baby ... but I count her in with the many blessings too!)