Sunday, September 16, 2007

Welcome back to the World!

We've been out of town at my mother's home, and brought back souvenirs! Twin sinus infections...the kiddo and myself. Who knew a human body could create so much mucus! yuuuck. So we're holding out of church today (wah!!!! We love church!) and drinking hot drinks, soups and the like. Oh, and I'm reclaiming my bachelorized house from my trip. That should take a year or so. (Just kidding dear!)

While we were at Mom's I set up her computer and got her (drum roll please) ONLINE! Now she can surf to her heart's content. (Hi Mommie!)

I'll post more later when some of the concrete has left my skull.

1 comment:

vivianbeth said...

Most Awesome! Another convert to the surfin' world of internet. Yeah!