Thursday, August 2, 2007

The aftermath of my frenzied design marathon...

Shield your eyes, it isn't pretty! But before you look you should know that of all places in my home and home office, my desk is generally the neatest...almost the the point of severity. I simply must have order to work efficiently. So here goes:

Now you know. Goodness, was I tired when all was said and done. But depositing that check in the bank today more than made up for it!

The funniest thing about my office is that my dear hubby loves to fly remote controlled airplanes. Actually, he loves everything about them...building, flying, crashing. Well maybe not the crashing part! What does that have to do with my office? How well would YOU work if there were 3 planes circling overhead? I do that all the time! It used to be a major source of contention with me. Now, I've decided to go with it. The office will be getting a much-needed vinyl floorcovering to replace the decades old brown shag. The walls are going to be painted a lovely gray with just a hint of lilac for color, and the ceiling? Sky blue with clouds, of course! I've even threatened to get the ceiling fan that looks like the nose of a I'd have 3 circling and one headed straight for me! What do you think? I am a graphic designer after all, and we are supposed to be a bit on the <> unusual side, right?!

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