Friday, August 17, 2007

Discovering Home

Meredith wrote today about their local discovery. Here's a lovely, local place we looked into not so long ago...

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We enjoyed the boat tour and panning for gems!

I'm not super crazy about the liberal slant here but I do agree with being more green as good stewards of the earth entrusted to us. Not to mention the frugal and educational benefits of exploring at home!


vivianbeth said...

Ooooo ... Looks like a great place to retreat to from the heat!

Suse said...

Gosh, what could you possibly not find to be crazy about re the no impact man? If more people were like him, the world would be a far nicer place.

I think what he's doing is wonderful!

Meredith said...

Cool! We have never been to Lost River, but I know Andrew would love it.

I like the spirit of No Impact Man, though I don't agree with all his philosophies, either. His project does make you challenge your assumptions about life, though!