Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I've always wanted to (dot) (dot) (dot)

As you either know or may have guessed, I work in the creative field. Much of my work is done from home, at outlandish hours, and in something of a controlled frenzy.

But now you know that you'll need protection if you interrupt one of my "hands-on" creating sprees. I've been known to crochet, sew, paint and scrapbook - all in one day! (Yes, I'm somewhat ADD.)

To be utterly honest with you, dear reader, I've been blessed by compliments from co-workers and clients as to the quality of my work. My impression, however, is that while it is acceptable and my very best effort it is certainly nothing to "write home" about. The Lord has enabled me with a tiny bit of creative ability, and I thank Him for that.

There are other folks whose creativity is just not their cheif ability. And thank the Lord for that! What would we do with a police officer whose greatest achievement was to draw a pretty picture of an escaping criminal, or an accountant whose "creativity" landed him in prison and his clients in the poorhouse?! Not everyone can (or should) be creative for a living.

I've been noticing something for a long time and it all kind of came together for me today. Consider this for a moment: How many times have you heard someone wish they could be more creative? Probably a lot, especially if you are geared toward creativity. It always amazes me how many acquaintances or clients hand me their ideas on paper - or even a completed project - and say something to the effect of, "I'm a little bit of an artist myself, you know." And they're an incredibly gifted accountant/manager/technician...but maybe not so much an artist. And again, I don't want to sound snotty. I'm not "all that" myself. I have co-workers and contemporaries whose abilities far outshine my own.

Now, how many times do you hear someone wish they were less creative, or more business/mathematically oriented. A few times for certain, but most likely nowhere near as often as the first.

Why is that? I've often wondered, but as of today have a theory.

There must be something that Cs (creatives) and NCs (not-so-creatives) have in common. And since everyone on the planet falls into one of those categories whether they know it or not, it would have to be something rather broad in scope. And I think I've figured it out.


To understand my convoluted haven't-had-coffee-today theory, let's consider my 8 year old precious precocious son. You can always tell what movie he's seen, book he's been reading (!) or story he's heard most recently. Last week, we saw National Treasure again. His days were filled with copying the Declaration (Mama's no dummy! lol) and running around the house with it in his document holder (paper towel tube with a yarn handle).

Friday evening we watched some friend's karate videos on youtube. So what was going on in my house? Yup, full scale sparring mixed in with some freestyle kata for interest. Monday he began reading a Star Wars book I got (at a yard sale for 10 cents!) so Monday evening he hummed the SW theme and wore a cape. We also had a fantastic light sabre duel in the front yard. Today he was an earth bender al a Avatar. Complete with plaid blanket kimono, bathrobe cloak, socks for long gloves. I wish I'd had a camera handy. It was cute.

Do you see where I'm going with this? The point here is that when you see something that you love or admire, it is only natural for you to want to imitate it. So when we long for creativity (or more creativity) in our lives, I think it's a natural outgrowth of longing to be like the Creator. To connect with Him on a very basic level. Whether they claim kinship with Him or not, on some level each created recognizes and longs to be like the Creator.

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