Saturday, August 18, 2007

Small Cute Dog + Small Cute Skunk =

Big ugly stink! There is an adorable, if pungent, skunk that visits our house each evening now. Apparently, she considers the dog great target practice!

About 2 hours ago, DS let her in. I was on the phone with Papa-Dew and noticed. an. odor. In less than one minute, she managed to spread the joy throughout the house. Said dog, however, is now consigned to jump at the front door until Papa-Dew gets home and saves her. She won't be coming in here again until she's been de-skunkified.

And of course, the preacher and his wife are coming for supper Monday.


Alyssa said...

Oh nooooo! Ewww! LOL!

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog a while back & your sweet comments! :)

Love, Alyssa

Sommer said...

Ick! I used to work at a pet store..and oh, do I remember how that smells!

Christin said...

Hey! Speaking of "pets" any pictures of those frogs of yours you mentioned on my site? :) THANKS so much for sending me the links for butterflies. VERY sweet.

hugs to you