Friday, August 3, 2007

Finally Frugal Friday!

In the chaos of the recent design marathon, I realized that I wasn't seeing well when finally I turned from the computer screen to other "housely" duties. I'd been noticing more eye fatigue than normal, and finally did something about it.
Today I purchased a lovely 19" LCD monitor at Staples. Before you report me to the frugal authorities, let's look at the purchase from several angles. I think we can agree that it was, indeed, frugal after all.
  1. I had the money. The Lord in His goodness has provided a great deal of freelance work for me this month and I praise Him for it!
  2. I had a coupon downloaded from a money-saving/coupon site for 12% off the purchase - found 10 minutes before leaving the house. These web sites can be a real help if one is careful to confirm the legitimacy of the savings/price/coupon - and doesn't abuse the system. I have two or three places I check regularly, and have saved a great deal of money between them on items I would have bought anyway. ( and are just a few of the sites out there. Just be sure you have a good adware and spyware blocker - not that those sites are bad, but it's just a good idea when following linkies!)
  3. It is cheaper to prevent eye strain than to recover from it. says
    Use a good monitor. Usually the higher the resolution (the more pixels) the better. Monochrome displays usually have better resolution than color. For color monitors, look for smaller dots per inch (less than .28mm). Higher refresh rates (flicker speeds) are preferred, at least 70 Hz. Make sure the monitor has a high enough illumination to match the surroundings (be aware that antireflection screens reduce illumination).
  4. On a whim, I asked the Sales Associate at Staples if they price-match. Indeed they do! In fact, if you find a cheaper price on the item purchased within 14 days online or off they will refund the difference plus 10%! The moment I got home with my purchase (and I do love it!) I searched the internet for a lower price. Within 5 minutes, I'd found one! $50 lower! I printed the page, and tomorrow I will be going to Staples for my refund. I'll be in the area anyway, so the gasoline expenditure will be negligible.

All in all, I'm very happy with my purchase. I think it will save a lot of time and headaches (literally!) in the near future.

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